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Bandai Namco announced a series of new God Eater projects in celebration of the series’ fifth anniversary at the Tokyo Game Show today.

The first is God Eater Pachi-Slot, a pachi-slot machine being developed in collaboration with Yamasa.

Next up, a God Eater TV anime series developed by Ufotable, who you might know for their work on the Tales series’ animated cutscenes.

And finally, a Soul Sacrifice collaboration. Boss enemy Marduk is coming to the game, as well as God Eater costumes, weapons, and magic.

Of course, the previously announced God Eater 2: Rage Burst is also part of the series’ fifth anniversary. Watch the Tokyo Game Show trailer below.

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A Lovers’ Quarrel

Snow: Cheer up! Just give her some flowers and something sweet.
Well, a lot has happened… Think of it as another trial and do your best~.
That’s impossible… I can’t… I want to die…
Noel, why is Hope in so much pain?
Probably because… he’s really happy.

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Akira Amano new project

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Getting a new laptop with better graphics card means I can finally try the MMORPGs my previous lappy couldn’t handle.

Aura Kingdom here I come!

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ミコッテホプライ by ぴぇ太

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Do you remember when we first met all those centuries ago? Do you remember what you told me then? "Keep your eyes front, I’ll watch the rear." [But I didn’t. I couldn’t…] Oh but you did! More times than you know. As long as you were with me, Light… I didn’t have to fear anything. I’m not scared. Not even now. Because you’re here.

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